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    BeGo delivers Real-time/Maintenance free/Predictive bundle of hardware and software to allow end-users to track machinery well-being using intelligent vibration sensor, maths and reports generated based on analysis results. Customer remains notified about any machine activity 24/7.

  • New look at
    Machinery diagnostics

    Flexible business model allows customer to select a preferred way of cooperation.

BeGo vibration analysis: Main components

BeGo hardware bundle

BeGo hardware bundle consists of vibration sensor device and a gateway.

Vibration sensor device

Is a small sensor in a frame that can easily get installed on any machinery surface that generates vibration. Sensor device reads vibration 15 times per second and sends it to the gateway.


Acts as an intermediate bridge between sensor and a cloud. Gateway has a telecom connection to stay independent from customer's network.

Analysis engine

Using a series of algorithms computational engine enables following analysis


 Keeping track of overall vibration and detecting whether vibration exceeds limits.

 Focusing on vibration abnormalities which are not normal for a machine.

 Predicting whether vibration will growth/fall in long run.

 Labeling abnormal vibrations with potential cause of the malfunction

Software layer

Our software offers easy, though indispensable features to an end user

Software part includes:

 Cloud which stores data, graphs data and allows user to control it.

 Notification core - by following analysis engine notification core enables immediate messages sent to the end user if machinery starts operating differently from what is expected.

 Report as a service - Optionally every customer has a possibility of requesting a weekly report from all the machines including all the important information related to machinery well-being.

Same diagnostics, different approach, bigger value

BeGo vibration analysis bundle is firstly a big attention to simplicity.   Vibration measurement device is a small, simple to operate, affordable and button free piece of hardware.   It is supplemented with a very accurate vibration microphone which is the heart of solution   It is a very different device compared to classic diagnostic device.

Secondly, BeGo delivers a maintenance free solution that does not require onsite engineer,   neither to install it nor maintain. It is plug and play solution giving machinery owner continuos   information about the assets increasing its performance.

Lastly, all that combined with a flexible cost structure gives an irrefutable benefit in terms of   cost savings. Every downtime is an expenditure which now can be predicted and explained using BeGo.

One solution - unlimited usecases

Diagnostics bundle roll out process

1. Use-case review

Send us your machinery diagnostics needs and our team will come up withpossible solution using our bundle.

2. Install BeGo diagnostics bundle

Get your first package consisting of hardware and install it in your field of operation.

3. Get your first results

Wait 7 days for data to collect and get labeled for proper analysis. Thereafter, bundle starts operating in standby mode sending you notifications whenever there are some vibration changes.

4. Choose operation model

Once you know exactly what value are you getting from the product reach us to identify what product components do you need for a full roll out.

5. Notifications

Set up all the responsible parties who will get notifications with our management tool.

6. Report as a Service

If you prefer having weekly reports of all you machinery - request it from us and we will immediately enable that feature. Reports will help you to see an overall wellbeing status of all the machinery.

Meet our Team

Nikita Akmaikin


Nikita Akmaikin is a front runner of the BeGo projects. His role is to cooperate with team members while generating and developing proper project plans,keeping them motivated and excited about the work.

David Dunkin

Manager-CO Founder

David Dunkin is a person responsible for managing marketing, advertising and promotions. In addition his role is setting up a proper workflow in a team, keeping people in a proper place.

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